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"I have been a loyal customer of Action Carpet for over 12 years. I am always pleased with the way my light tan carpet looks like new after all the stubborn stains, like black cherry soda, are removed without a trace. That in and of itself is worht it but what sets Action Carpet apart from others is their superb customer service. From the ease of booking the appointment, to always being on time, to the care that is taken with my furniture, that is what keeps me a customer. Great customer service, along with a fantastic job that doesn't take days to dry, at a reasonable cost - what more could you want"

Denise Z - Long Valley

"Our company, Gervin Realty Management, has been using the services of Action Carpet Care for over 20 years. We have always found them to be very accomodating and professional. Their work is exceptional and they take pride in attempting to always get the results we ask for. On many occasions, we thought the carpet in properties we manage, were so dirty that it would be impossible to get them clean and would have replaced. But once Action Carpet Care finished, we were very pleased with the results and replacement was not necessary. We highly recommend Action Carpet Care and are confident that you will be pleased with their services."

Betty Gallagher


Upholstery Cleaning Serving Parsippany

Step 1: Pre-Inspection: The technician will perform an inspection of the fabric to determine the cleaning procedure.

Step 2: Area Preparation: The area where the upholstery will be cleaned will be prepared in order to protect the surrounding furnishings. Example:  move away glass tables – cover hardwood floors etc.

Step 3: Pre-Vacuum: Just like with carpets -  dry soil must be removed through thorough vacuuming prior to application of cleaning solution.

Step 4: Pre-Treatment: A special fabric pre-spray is applied to emulsify soil.

Step 5: Brush & Agitation: The pre-spray is gently worked in to further loosen soil and groom fabric.

Step 6: Pre-Spot: Difficult spots that may not have been removed during pre-treatment and agitation will be treated with specialty spotters.

Step 7: Soil-Extraction: Soil, prespray and spotter residue is then extracted with our world famous Bane Clene Extraction System.  (see page on Bane Clene System)

Step 8: Post-spot: Any remaining spots will be treated with stain removal products then re-extracted in those areas.

Step 9: Application of StaClene 940 Fabric Protector: We at Action Carpet Care and Maintenance Company feel strongly about re-applying fabric protector – so we include an application of the Bane Clene Sta Clene 940 to the used area of your furniture at no extra cost.  Scotchgard Fabric Protector is extra. (See protectors: StaClene 940 and Scotchgard)

Step 10: Post-Cleaning Inspection: To ensure we met your expectations we will review the cleaning results with you.

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