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"I have been a loyal customer of Action Carpet for over 12 years. I am always pleased with the way my light tan carpet looks like new after all the stubborn stains, like black cherry soda, are removed without a trace. That in and of itself is worht it but what sets Action Carpet apart from others is their superb customer service. From the ease of booking the appointment, to always being on time, to the care that is taken with my furniture, that is what keeps me a customer. Great customer service, along with a fantastic job that doesn't take days to dry, at a reasonable cost - what more could you want"

Denise Z - Long Valley

"Our company, Gervin Realty Management, has been using the services of Action Carpet Care for over 20 years. We have always found them to be very accomodating and professional. Their work is exceptional and they take pride in attempting to always get the results we ask for. On many occasions, we thought the carpet in properties we manage, were so dirty that it would be impossible to get them clean and would have replaced. But once Action Carpet Care finished, we were very pleased with the results and replacement was not necessary. We highly recommend Action Carpet Care and are confident that you will be pleased with their services."

Betty Gallagher


Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pet odors are our specialtyFact: Urine can cause permanent color damage, either from adding color by dying the carpet fibers or removing color by bleaching out the carpet fibers.

Fact: When urine is deposited, it is in an acid state but as it dries, the moisture evaporates but the urine crystal salts become more concentrated & then it turns alkaline (thus the asmmonia odor)

Fact: Simple cleaning  will NOT  remove these odors or stains.  In fact the crystals are generally reactivated by moisture. Notice the problem is more dominant in the summer humidity.

Fact: Urine deposited on a carpet can eventually contaminate the backing, the pad, the tack strips and even if the floor is wood or concrete, odor can permeate from any of these affected areas.

The water claw system in action

OK. So what can be done about pet stains & odors?

Step 1: We must determine the degree of contamination. This is done using a black light and a urine probe.

Step 2: Now we will use 1 or 3 types of treatment.

A. Minor problem treatment:

An enzyme digester deodorizer is pre-sprayed on all affected areas & will generally take a dwell time of 30 minutes or till area is dry.  The enzyme is designed to digest the urine bacteria prior to cleaning. Extraction is then performed using the world famous Bane Clene Extraction System.

B. Moderate Problem Treatment:

If it is determined contamination is in the backing then we need to use an oxidizer treatment in conjunction with a tool called “the Water Claw”.  First an oxidizer odor and stain powder is mixed in a pail of hot water & then poured over the contaminated spot to saturate the carpet fiber, backing, and pad.  We then use the “Water Claw” to extract the water, chemical, stain and odor from the carpet, backing, and pad. (Caution: if there is a wood floor beneath the carpet you must be aware (although rare) there is a potential for floor warping.)

C. Severe Problem Treatment:

This is a full-blown odor treatment designed to completely remove the odor if the pet not longer lives in the home.  The carpet is pulled up and cleaned on both sides.  The padding is then discarded. Next the sub floor, tackless strips, baseboards, and carpet backing are all treated with an “odor barrier”.  Note:  this treatment is rare but when it is needed it must be weighed against the cost of replacing both carpet and pad.  “Odor Barrier” must still be applied to treat the sub floor and baseboards.

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The chemistry has changed so much over the last several years and has now made it possible to remove 80-90% of the stain.  The success depends largely on how long the stain has been in the fiber.  It is easier to remove when it is first deposited onto a carpet or fabric.

Once again because of modern chemistry the enzyme digesters we use today give us a good chance of removal.

Unfortunately there is no way to completely guarantee odors of any type.  The reason is that the odor may not only be in the carpet.  It maybe under the padding, on the cement or wood beneath the carpet.  It may also be on the baseboards, drapes, walls, etc.  Furthermore, one cleaning may not be sufficient to take care of a severe urine odor.  Sometimes return trips are necessary.  Pet stains could have permanently altered the dye to the fiber so there cannot be a 100% guarantee for removal.  However there is a good chance for improvement even for the most difficult pet stains.

Yes, normally.  However, the chances are reduced if an improper spot removal solution has been applied to the stain before our arrival.  Also, some cat food has red dye that permanently stains some nylon carpets.  This dye is similar to Kool Aid type of dye.  If this occurs, we have a red dye removal system that can remove most vomit stains.  Difficult vomit stains can also be treated with a reducer & energy light which gives a good chance for 80-95% removal. (an extra fee applies for advanced spotting)

We have excellent professional products available to help you do your own pet stain removal. (Please click here Vets Trust)