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"We have been using Action Carpet Care and Maintenance for many years. Don Tanella and his crew are extremely professional. They are always prompt in answering our calls and scheduling appointments. They are always on time. The care of our carpets and upholstery is very important to us as we have 3 large labrador retrievers. Don takes great care of all of our area rugs, wall to wall carpeting, upholstery and hardwood flooring. I recommend this company very highly and will continue to use them for years to come!"

Susan Von Heill - Chatham, NJ

"Action Carpet has been workng at Summer House, a social service agency located on the grounds of Bergen Regional Medical Center in Paramus, NJ, for five years. The staff from Action Carpet are reliable and meticulous with their work. Not only are they talented, the Action Carpet staff are friendly and very trustworthy! We would be delighted to provide a personal reference to anyone. You can reach us at (201)967-4293. We highly recommend Action Carpet to everyone! Thank you Action Carpet for the services you provide."

Jacqueline Szabo - Summer House Supervisor

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Recoating

Thanks to modern science it is now possible to restore hardwood floors without the dust storm that comes with sanding.  This process will not take the place of sanding if your floors are not in good condition.  If the wood is water damaged or scratched, nicked and gauged then sanding is the only way to restore your floor.  However, if the floor itself is in good condition and only the finish is worn with minor scratches in it or a dull look then this system is perfect for you for about ½ the price of sanding.

                              HERE’S HOW IT WORKS!

Step 1: Pre-Inspection: Prior to job, we must first determine if our recoating system is right for you or if a more aggressive system is needed.

Step 2: Area Preparation: All furnishings must be evacuated from the room to be restored.  (If you cannot or are unable to move the furniture out of the room then we can arrange to do it for you at an extra charge.)  Larger furniture (piano’s, pool tables, etc must be moved by a professional mover.)  Once the furniture is moved we then protect the adjoining floor with traffic paper, masonite, and painter’s tape.

Step 3:  Dry soil remover: Complete sweeping and vacuuming the entire room.

Step 4:  This is rare but if there is floor wax present it must be removed first by using a wood solvent.

Step 5:  A chemical called “no sand prep” is applied to the floor and worked in with a rotary floor machine and a black pad.  The edges are worked with a special block.  This product serves 2 purposes:  1st:  It thoroughly breaks up soil, food, spills or any impurity embedded in floor.  2nd: it etches the old finish so the new finish has something to grip.

Step 6:  Mopping: Complete mopping 2 or 3 times to completely remove soils, chemicals, food, oils etc.

Step 7:  Speed Dry: An air mover is set up to speed dry wood floor.

Step 8:  Repairs: Some scratches, holes, and gauges may be repaired with quick drying putty.  The putty is made smooth with a scotch brite pads.

Step 9:  The Application:  An application of a special water base polyurethane is applied.  The polyurethane is very durable and has 5 times the solids of standard urethane.  After 30 to 60 minutes a 2nd coat is applied.

Step 10:  Post-Inspection:  Post inspection will be done from outside the room, as floor will need at least an hour to dry.

NOTE:  Floor will be ready to walk on 3 hours after we complete the job.  Light furniture maybe returned 24 hours after floor is recoated.  Heavy furniture such as pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers etc. should be returned by a professional mover 72 hours after completion of job. 

* If our assistance is needed to reset regular furnishings we can return for an extra charge.

Special Services:  If your carpet, pad, tackless and staples need to be pulled up to expose hardwood floors we offer this service.


Simple Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

Here’s how:

  1. Sweep wood floors often with a soft, fine bristle broom.

  2. Vacuum once or twice a week to remove dirt and sand.  Use a soft brush attachment to minimize scratching.

  3. Since water is a wood floors worst enemy, get rid of water right away!  Remove wet spills ASAP with soft towels or a wet/dry vacuum, and then dry thoroughly.

  4. Use a very dry damp mop when mopping polyurethane wood floors, since excess water can seep into seams and ruin a wood floor.

  5. Consider using carpet runners (with non-skid pads) over wood floors in high traffic area.

  6. Vacuum area rugs and runners often so dirt doesn’t filter down through the weave and scratch the wood underneath.

  7. If possible, do not wear heavy shoes or high heels on hardwood floors, as some hells can cause dents.

  8. Never drag furniture or other objects across a wood floor.  Instead, clean the floor thoroughly to remove dust and grit, and then use “gliding” furniture pads underneath the piece to aid sliding it across the floor.

  9. Install floor mats at each entrance so you don’t track in dirt from the bottom of shoes.

  10. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations to treat flooring scratches and dents.  If an area of the finish is damaged by water, it may be difficult to fix.

  11. Use furniture pads to place under table and chair legs and on the feet of dressers and armoires.  They can be purchased at a local hardware store or home center.

  12. Some floors may require periodic waxing and buffing.  Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the specific procedures for your floor.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Stripping, Sealing & Waxing

*This is primarily a commercial service more homeowners are using professionals to strip clean, seal and finish the floors

Step 1:  Pre-Inspect: Prior to cleaning day we will inspect the floor and test an area to evaluate the degree of effort needed.

Step 2:  Empty Room: All furniture must be evacuated from the room.  Wires must be picked up off the floor and drapes must be at least 2 feet off the floor.  (If you cannot or are unable to move furniture, wires, or drapes we can arrange to do it for you.  There is an extra charge for this service.  We need to know this ahead of time for scheduling purposes.  Note:  Large furniture such as pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers etc. will need a professional mover.

Step 3:  Pre-Vacuum: The room is then broom swept and pre vacuumed

Step 4:  Strip Floor: An acid base chemical is mopped onto the floor and left to dwell for about 10-15 minutes.  A rotary machine with the same chemical in the holding tank and a black stripping pad underneath is set up at the furthest point and begins to strip all old was, gunk, soil and build up.  The technician works the machine back and forth until all foreign matter is dislodged from the floor.  Working his way back to the entrance.  On commercial jobs and if it applies at a residential job the cove molding is also strip cleaned.

Step 5:  Extraction: The entire floor is squeeged of all solution; soil and old floor finish into a wet/dry vacuum.

Step 6:  Mop Clean: The floor is then mopped several times for a thorough rinse.

Step 7:  Speed Dry: Speed dry floor to prepare for sealer.

Step 8:  Application of sealer: Two coats of floor sealer are then applied to floor 30 minutes apart.

Step 9:  Application of sealer: Four coats of non-slip floor finish is applied approximately 15 minutes apart.

Step 10:  Post Inspection We will walk through to make sure the results met your expectations.

**Furniture may be reset approximately 1 hour after the last coat of finish is applied.