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"I have been a loyal customer of Action Carpet for over 12 years. I am always pleased with the way my light tan carpet looks like new after all the stubborn stains, like black cherry soda, are removed without a trace. That in and of itself is worht it but what sets Action Carpet apart from others is their superb customer service. From the ease of booking the appointment, to always being on time, to the care that is taken with my furniture, that is what keeps me a customer. Great customer service, along with a fantastic job that doesn't take days to dry, at a reasonable cost - what more could you want"

Denise Z - Long Valley

"Our company, Gervin Realty Management, has been using the services of Action Carpet Care for over 20 years. We have always found them to be very accomodating and professional. Their work is exceptional and they take pride in attempting to always get the results we ask for. On many occasions, we thought the carpet in properties we manage, were so dirty that it would be impossible to get them clean and would have replaced. But once Action Carpet Care finished, we were very pleased with the results and replacement was not necessary. We highly recommend Action Carpet Care and are confident that you will be pleased with their services."

Betty Gallagher


Acoustical Ceiling Tile Cleaning

  • This is primarily a commercial service.  However more and more homeowners are installing acoustical ceiling tile in their finished basements.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s cleaning ceiling tile in commercial buildings was an important part of a buildings maintenance program.  Since the smoking ban went into effect in New Jersey it does not have the same need.
Sure, the ceiling still gets dirty around the vents but the yellowing caused by smoke and nicotine is not present anymore.  Nonetheless Action Carpet Care and Maintenance Company still provides this service so if you’re acoustical ceiling tile is not as bright as it should be, please contact us.
NOTE:  this process cannot take out water stains

Here is how it works

Step 1: Pre-inspection: All ceilings require an on site inspection prior to cleaning day.  The air ventilation system must be turned off on cleaning day.

Step 2: Divide the cleaning area: The area to be cleaned is divided into sections the size of the area determines the amount of sections.

Step 3: Prepare the areas: We will prepare one of those divided sections for cleaning by: 1. covering light diffusers to prevent over spray from splashing onto them.  2. Covering computers, keyboards, desks, etc. under the ceiling to be cleaned.  (Carpet need not be covered, as the cleaning solution is safe for all fabrics.)  Note: the reason we clean section at a time is because we cannot cover all the light diffusers at one time.

Step 4: Vacuum all loose soil: We then vacuum all loose soil on the ceiling using a powerful wet/dry vacuum, and extension tube, and a soft brush. Particular attention is given around the vents!  This step is critical because loose soil can embed its way into the pores of the tile if left unvacuumed when the cleaning solution is applied.

Step 5: Application of ceiling tile-cleaning solution: Starting at perimeter and working toward the middle the one technician applies the cleaning solution evenly with a ceiling-cleaning machine.  One or two other technicians use a grid wiping system attached to a pole and wipe the grids right from the floor (standard ceiling height, high ceilings are an extra cost.)  The solution actually seeps into the pores of the tile and dissolves the smoke, nicotine, soot, etc.  Non-porous tile may be wiped – porous tile cannot be wiped.

Step 6: Move to next area: We then proceed to take all light covers down and drop cloths are taken up. We move to the next divided area in step 2 and begin the process again until all areas are cleaned.

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  • There are 2 types of ceiling tiles
    • Porous
    • Non-porous


Porous ceiling tile when left for a long time can be difficult to clean soot and in some cases impossible especially around vents.

Non-porous ceiling tile clean very well whether it be smoke, nicotine, or soot from vents.

The light diffusers can be cleaned for an extra charge.



  • Why don’t I just paint the ceiling tile?

If you are a homeowner you can probably get away with this, however in a commercial building you completely take out the fire rating with paint.  You only have 2 choices replace or clean and cleaning is a fraction of the cost to replace.

  • Is the chemical safe and why do you cover computers and desks but not carpet?

In the early days of ceiling tile bleaching agents were used and everything had to be covered.  Today’s chemicals are 100% safe to the surroundings and technicians. The reason we cover desks, computers, etc. is to prevent dust particles from getting into the keyboards or other things on the desk.  When the job is finished we completely vacuum the area of any loose debris that might have fallen.

* Why won’t water stains come out with the cleaning?
Simply put water changes the make up of the tile and cleaning will only clean the new make up – it won’t change it.